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I'm here because it's a place where I want to be.

What do I do with my life - still pondering that, keep exploring the possibilities I suppose...

I do have another more personal moblog Vivupclose

Take a look at my daughter Beth's website...

food for thought...

Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of the self, is nuts. -Leo Rosten, author (1908-1997)

We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry. -John Webster, playwright (c. 1580-1634)

There are two kinds of light -- the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. -James Thurber, writer and cartoonist (1894-1961)

The artist brings something into the world that didn't exist before, and he does it without destroying something else. -John Updike, writer (1932-2009)

Some people become so expert at reading between the lines they don't read the lines. -Margaret Millar, novelist (1915-1994)

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. -Elie Wiesel, writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1928)

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I turned back ...

(unable to get through to the beach just there) and met a shepherd and his sheep :)
18th Oct 2010, 12:53   | tags:comments (0)

I walked as far as the 'torre'

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and tried to get to the beach but there was an inland salt lake in my way - unfortunately no flamingos - there are lots of these along the coastline
18th Oct 2010, 12:33   comments (0)

On the Tuesday morning

I got up early and went a walk parallel to the beach before it got hot..
18th Oct 2010, 12:13   comments (1)

stayed on the beach until the end of the day :)

(viewed 503 times)
13th Oct 2010, 17:35   comments (5)

Last month I spent a week in Sardinia with an old friend

Day One in Sardinia...

I was finding it hard to believe I was there!

A few weeks previous I was broke - negative equity type broke, having spent more than I could afford on the house. I was totally resigned to no holiday. Then I get a phone call from a friend (from 28 years back!) whom I hadn’t seen for about 7 years, but who had sent me a PC in the summer and I had responded and said I’d like to come and see her sometime after the summer hols. She phones. She has something for me to think about. Turns out she has a timeshare holiday to take (they are fleecing her dry but if she doesn’t take it she loses it and that is even more money lost) Would I like to go to Sardinia with her?

Well of course I would...

A train journey to Bristol, a flight to Olbia - BUT it’s almost a four hour journey from Olbia in the North to Muravera in the South! Our other alternative was Stanstead but we would have to get there and back and that wouldn’t be fun. Do we give up? Do we really want to go? Are we up to the drive? Our children (grown up of course and my husband and Andrea’s ex all doubt it. Truth be told we do too but yes we want to go, so we’ll have to be up to it!

We arrived in Olbia an hour late, there was a long queue for the car rental and it was about 11.30 when we left the airport (having practiced driving on the right in the carpark!)

Andrea braved the start and we couldn't believe how easy it was - wide open roads that soon became almost empty - fabulous starry sky and the smell of eucalyptus and pine. Once we'd discarded the google directions and started using a map instead we were fine! It turned to windy roads just a few miles after I took over the driving, but hey... what's a few hairpin bends!

We were very tired and thirsty when we arrived at Muravera. IT was 4am and we were amazed to see a bar just closing as we had seen few signs of life on the journey down and no roadside services!
They sold us water and the 2 carabinieri,
who were watching proceedings asked where we were going and escorted us.

Not only that but when it seemed we were not going to get into our mobile home and we were settling to sleep in the car, they got in touch with management and came back to tell us our home was ready and there was a security guard with the key!

Great start to an brilliant week. I loved Sardinia and Sardinians.
11th Oct 2010, 14:35   | tags:comments (15)

Theo and Jenny and Steven

(viewed 438 times)
Seems I lost all but the thumbnail of Theo when PS malfunctioned!
This was a lovely family afternoon enjoying a picnic by the river at Burnsall.
11th Oct 2010, 12:38   comments (1)

A visit to Barbara's 30/7

11th Oct 2010, 12:01   comments (2)

Finished room 28/07

5th Oct 2010, 23:53   comments (8)