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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Aifix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Last few..

..From our progress to the far North.

knit one purl one!

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I love her concentration in this one. Unfortunately I don't knit so she saves it for her grandmother's infrequent visits.
12th Nov 2009, 15:22   | tags:,comments (7)

Castle in the air

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A very complicated thought process made me think of this song. I hadn't heard it in years. Another view here...
11th Nov 2009, 19:46   | tags:,,comments (3)

November Rain

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Formerly G**den Sh*w**s

I took these after a sudden heavy downpour last Thursday. Today BS's parents have been here, the first time we've seen them since we got married. I feel like I've done nothing but serve food and wash up all day and BS hasn't felt very well. Fortunately their lovely grand daughter the charming DD was as entertaining as usual.

I managed to do nose fountain in front of the outlaws provoked partly by my funny neighbour. This is his golden crab apple tree after the heavy rain. I got my camera out hoping for a rainbow which there wasn't, but the tree shimmered and sparkled, so I guess I got my pot of gold.... : )


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*If We Return, will England be

Just England still to you and me ?

The place where we must earn our bread ?

We, who have walked among the dead....*

F W Harvey

The photo is of an unknown soldier who adorns my wall.

This might be the third year running I've posted this particular quote. I like it, it speaks not only of the dead but of those who returned.

Edit: Yep, I clicked on the tag word remembrance and it's definitely my third year with this quote! At least I have a new pic this year, in 08 and 07 I used the same picture..

Spending a penny..

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...or 5

So I had to go to London yesterday for a work/union related meeting. Unfortunately, my bladder is only the size of a Rolo so as soon as I got there I hit the rest room. And there I spied this coin down the pan! I have noted the human race's fondness for throwing coins in to water but this is going too far...

Oh God but it was wonderful to be on the London Underground system again...
7th Nov 2009, 13:33   | tags:,,,comments (7)


.. I can't be in 3 places tomorrow and because I'd rather be with you, I've posted some of me so you know in my mind I'm hugging you and hoping for some good news by afternoon. Oh, and an unashamedly sentimental song for you too...

1 The little horse DD calls Sweet Pickle.

2 John B's rose that is red on the outside and white inside but impossible for me to capture properly.

3 Autumn colours. I wish it would stay forever Autumn and never be Christmas!

4 Sappy old woman with horrible hands but the best damn rings in the world.

5 Carrots going off on an exciting adventure.

6 Because shit happens. It really does sometimes!

7 My lovely daughter.

Don't forget how much I love you and I'll see you Saturday fo' shiz! <3

Enchanted Boat

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*My soul is an enchanted boat, Which, like a sleeping swan, doth float Upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing.*

Percy Bysshe Shelley