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The Big Buddha, Lantau Island

(viewed 937 times)
The second picture features the experimental use of sunglasses in front of the moby lens to see if it helps.
27th Jun 2005, 14:26   | tags:comments (0)

Peak Tram, Hong Kong

(viewed 870 times)
Plus the inevitable view from the top of the Peak.
27th Jun 2005, 11:48   | tags:comments (1)

From a pedestrian walkway, Hong Kong Island

(viewed 882 times)
Only just noticed how the humongous buildings make all the traffic look like toy cars.
27th Jun 2005, 11:46   | tags:comments (1)

I hate horses, useless slow non-winning things, I hate horses, they're all shit

(viewed 1136 times)
It's true, I was less financially successful at Happy Valley races than I was at Shatin (see earlier). Though with a backdrop as good-looking as this at their evening meetings, who cares, really?
27th Jun 2005, 11:44   | tags:comments (1)

Gigapixel moby, Causeway Bay

(viewed 681 times)
With movie trailers and music videos playing continuously on its screen in a hideously unrealistic fashion.
27th Jun 2005, 11:38   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 599 times)
Zombie breakfast special at the Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay.
27th Jun 2005, 11:37   | tags:comments (1)

Rooms With A View: #3104, The Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

(viewed 708 times)
Introducing part two (of four) of
Spank's Hong Kong & Macau Gallery 2005: Hong Kong Island (plus a quick detour Kowloonside).
27th Jun 2005, 11:34   | tags:comments (0)

I caught you a delicious bass

(viewed 1546 times)
Support acts for 7 Seconds Of Love at the Metro Club, London. The Gothy shoutiness of Until She Says Sorry (pic 1) was fatally compromised by their decision to recruit Napoleon Dynamite as their bass player. Stone Halo (pic 2) were much funkier and much more enjoyable, and worth looking out for in the future.