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Night view from Victoria Peak

(viewed 1733 times)
I have to admit, I've seen clearer nights.
8th Jul 2005, 13:02   | tags:comments (0)

The Star Ferry Picture Nobody Wanted

(viewed 815 times)
Everyone else is leaning over the side photographing the Hong Kong skyline: meanwhile, I'm taking a picture of the engine room.
8th Jul 2005, 12:59   | tags:comments (0)

Sculpture, Hong Kong Museum of Art

(viewed 2007 times)
I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember the title or the person responsible for this, but its title was something to do with dialogues. Twenty or so cut-out metal figures, all with small wooden sticks tied to them. Viewers are encouraged to bang the figures with the sticks, thus producing a dialogue between the figures, and a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork. Or summat like that.
8th Jul 2005, 12:56   | tags:comments (0)

When Airports Die

(viewed 797 times)
The site of Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport, closed since 1998 and still awaiting redevelopment.
8th Jul 2005, 12:52   | tags:comments (0)

The Paws Of Andy Lau

(viewed 778 times)
Top Hong Kong singer and actor (you might have seen him in Infernal Affairs and House Of Flying Daggers) has his handprints and signature displayed in the concrete of Avenue Of The Stars, Tsimshatsui's answer to Hollywood
Boulevard. His waxwork also appears at Madame Tussauds on the Peak, where the advert in picture 2 draws frequent queries of "who's that div next to Andy Lau?"
8th Jul 2005, 12:49   | tags:comments (0)

Exercises In Futility I and II

(viewed 738 times)
Trying to do something interesting with the Hong Kong Island skyline when you've only got one megapixel to play with.
8th Jul 2005, 12:42   | tags:comments (0)

HsbcBot Smash Puny Humans

(viewed 730 times)
Hong Kong's two coolest banks in their full nocturnal glory: Bank of China and HSBC.
6th Jul 2005, 19:50   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 752 times)
Ace cafe-cum-bookshop-cum-arthouse-video-rental-store, attached to the Broadway Cinematheque, Yau Ma Tei.
6th Jul 2005, 19:46   | tags:comments (0)