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Colliding Bishop, cuddle my brain!

And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

The Compleat Elvis

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19th Nov 2005, 13:50   comments (3)


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17th Nov 2005, 23:43   comments (2)


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17th Nov 2005, 23:32   comments (2)

squares (and the pushing thereof)

squarepusher was rather good. Not the best conditions for photographs, but
this gives you a vague idea of what happened. Except not as loud, and only the very vaguest idea of what happened.
17th Nov 2005, 01:38   | tags:comments (7)

flies flies flies!

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Mini infestation of flies at work for the last couple of days. Not the
nicest but I've given myself the job of chief exterminator: I'm quite the
expert at swatting, and yesterday I went out and bought a packet of fly
papers. One of them caught had this little bounty this morning, with the
others a comparable amount. Today we also captured some of them alive thanks
to a tiny fly vacuum someone had brought in. And then we put them in a cup
of hot chocolate, as you do.My record at swatting? 13 in as many minutes. Ace fun.
16th Nov 2005, 18:27   | tags:,comments (7)

eye eye

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BIG screen goodness at Thickthorn this weekend. I feel like I'm being watched.
13th Nov 2005, 21:45   comments (2)

so graceful

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13th Nov 2005, 21:44   | tags:comments (16)

At Ultraruby's request...

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Big up the Guardian reading massive! Keep it hummus, yeah?Of course in the fast moving media world this is already old news. What's in
today's observer? Something about France, autism and pissing artists. Bon
13th Nov 2005, 15:24   comments (4)