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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 49 They're shooting, up in London .....

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They're shooting, up in London,
But please don't be alarmed
It's not the kind of shooting
Where anyone gets harmed.

A photographic treasure hunt
With water as its theme....
Mobloggers got together
And entered as a team....

Racing all round London
Following the clues,
With all that running water
I hope they find some loos...

The best of luck to one and all,
I'm sure it will be fun,
With cocktails waiting at the Tate
When the long day is done ....

Shoot London, Saturday 19th May. I think Moblog have two teams entering :)
Just to wish you all the best of luck and to say that I will see you for breakfast at the Tate at 10am.
4th May 2007, 12:32   | tags:,,,,comments (25)

No. 48. Moblog Bar-B-Q .....

(viewed 1300 times)
Swamprose and Factotum
Have planned a UK tour,
With Moblog meets at every stage ...
What fun there is in store.

540 and SLG
Are having a Bar-B-Q,
Another opportunity
For a real Moblog fun 'do'

Mobloggers all are welcome
On 27th May,
Note it in your diaries
And be there on the day!

Thought I'd give people a reminder about the Moblog Bar-B-Q in honour of Swamprose and Factotum's visit .....For more information contact SLG or 540 ...
...clicky for SLG's post ...

The Naughty and Good Family ....

(viewed 907 times)
I got a lovely letter
From a lovely little girl
And with it came a drawing
That sent me all a whirl ...

I can see that in the future
I will have to watch my back
For Jasmine H the artist
Sure does have the knack!

Thank you Jasmine for your lovely cartoon drawing... It really made me laugh :D ... I think you have real talent and one day may take my place as the Moblog Cartoonist .....

Sorry I did not post this sooner .... but it has been a busy week and I only just got the camera back .....
21st Apr 2007, 17:22   comments (13)

No 47. Dhamaka is travelling tonight on a plane .....

(viewed 1048 times)
Well this might not be strictly true, as I think she is flying tomorrow .....
......Just wanted to wish her a safe and productive trip (and fingers crossed, a bit of a relaxing holiday) ....

PS. Can anyone spot where my camera is? .....
20th Apr 2007, 18:29   | tags:comments (25)

No 46. Boet and the Joker have begun their UK tour ...

(viewed 1532 times)
Boet and the Joker
Have begun their UK tour
They have matching shades and t-shirts,
(who'd ask for anything more).

On the roads near Milton Keynes
They should be somewhat wary,
For there may lie a daring dude
Who could make things quite scary.

Hairless for the most part,
And a certain shade of lime,
You'll find him on his belly
Face down in all the grime.

With his vital bit of tackle
Pulled out and polished bright,
He strives to do his very best
To gain his next highlight ...

Inspired by Boet's and Joker's UK tour ..... I have added a bird to test out Swamprose's theory ;-)
15th Apr 2007, 19:52   | tags:,,,comments (16)

They changed the display .....

Walked into Greenwich today (for lunch with a friend) .... passed Rubbish
and Nasty and neighbouring shops .... window displays have been changed :)..... the last two shots are of the recycling bins outside Goldsmith's
College in New Cross .... I think the cows are more realistic than those of
Milton Keynes ...
11th Apr 2007, 19:39   comments (18)

No 45. For Alex .. It would have been a year today ...

(viewed 1000 times)
It would have been a year today
that Alex first did post
If he were here to celebrate
I know there'd be a toast ....

Alex would have posted
(remember his blood bling)
So let us all remember him,
His humour and his grin .. :)

The cartoon is of a moblog boy band singing in memory of Alex .... and promoting ELF .... he would have loved it .... also just to let you know that a song by Alex and his band has been remixed at Abbey Road Studios and will be released soon to help ELF (the Elimination of Leukeamia Fund) .... this has been done in a bit of a rush so no linkys as yet ....
10th Apr 2007, 18:58   comments (26)

No 44. There are many themes on Moblog ....

(viewed 1559 times)
There are many themes on Moblog....

A circus pic for Paintist,
A Banana 'toon for Nige
A swinging shot for FF
(I'm so trying to oblige) ...

FF likes to hang around
(Or so the saying went)
Dangling in the Big Top ...
Loitering with intent ....

They're all dressed up as clowns
For Joker's birthday theme,
I've put them all together
As a jolly Moblog team ...

Well I think I have covered circuses, bananas, cartoons, Joker's birthday, FF's wish for a little more innuendo on the blog (as she is banned from it for a week at work) and Action Aid's Extreme Cuppa ......
...... as you might of guessed I am on holiday!
3rd Apr 2007, 10:58   | tags:,,,,comments (22)