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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 55 The New Olympic Logo .......

(viewed 1613 times)
The new Olympic Logo
Has caused a mass debate
It's designer chic, and cheerful
(That you love or that you hate).

The designers have assured us
That it will be a hit
But its very flashiness,
Will make some throw a fit.

Well, the lovely Dhamaka
Has made her feelings known
(her actual words, unprintable,
Unsuitable for this pome).

D really should not despair,
And please do not get cross,
In the great scheme of things,
Who gives a cabers toss ?

No. 54 Puff is off to Africa .....

(viewed 1556 times)
Puff is off to Africa
I really am so glad,
(It's what he's always wanted)
He's a really lovely lad!

I hope before he leaves,
(with the minimum of fuss)
He'll pop across the channel
To say goodbye to us .....

No. 53 Happy Birthday Filbert Fox ...

(viewed 2184 times)
Happy Birthday Filbert Fox!
I hope you like your gift,
A spanking new bicycle
(That I hope gives you a lift).

The added Sprocket power
I'm sure will get you going,
Whizzing down those country roads
(Like a super charged old Boeing)

...Having seen Sprocket's latest post, dedicated to your birthday, I just had to go one step further .....

Edits .... now with added cobbles .....

Big, Big THANK YOU to Joker .... :)

(viewed 1168 times)
1 & 2 . I just could not believe this .... Joker had put the first 50 of my cartoons into a book, but not just any book, a proper hardbacked, glossy paged book ..... I was speechless ... how do you react to something like that? .... I was just overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity ...

I now have to give serious thought to getting something like this published in order to raise funds for ELF (the Elimination of Leukeamia Fund) in memory of Alex. My reservations are that anything that is printed and published to a high standard (ie hardback and glossy) will be so very highly priced that little of the of the sale price will go to the fund .... it is also a very limited market ..... and I am not even sure that the pics and
poems warrent publishing ... they are, and always will be, my little bit of fun on a Friday ..... I would love to raise funds in this way, but I just think that something like this would probably make more money for the printers than it would for the fund ..... am I being too cynical here ? ..... I am just so grateful to Joker ... I would never had got it together myself ..... and it has certainly made me think ..... more big hugs to Joker and Cola :)

3. Paintist, bedecked in some lovely amber jewelry, and with an 'up market Waggon Wheel' :) .....

4. MF, in all his glorious hairiness :)
28th May 2007, 17:31   comments (28)

No. 52 Rich is a clever dude ....

(viewed 1255 times)
Rich is a clever dude
Who knows a thing or two,
(The subtle differences
That are lost on me and you).

He knows a globe is round
And a teapot has a spout,
(The sort of thing Our Nige,
Has trouble working out)

So if shapes are a problem,
Or you find yourself in doubt,
Look at his reference cards
(They're bound to help you out).

It all started here ...
.... with Nige's description of SLG and Geo ..
And then here ....
.... with Rich's No.4 The Teapot ...

25th May 2007, 10:39   comments (34)

Linux... you are never too old to learn ...

(viewed 3769 times)
Dave's mum, aged 92, getting to grips with Linux .... an incredible woman
... Guardian crossword solver, water colourist, 'agony aunt' and computer
literate since Dave introduced her to the Spectrum back in the early 80's ......
20th May 2007, 20:15   | tags:comments (30)

No. 51 Electric Sheep is not an EMO

(viewed 1399 times)
ES is not an EMO,
Of that I am quite certain,
His hair is short and quiffy
And nothing like a curtain.

His eyes are bright and shiny
And he has a lovely grin,
If anything he looks like
A Scottish born Tin Tin ...

Now that coursework is over
He's abandoned all his books
He's clubbing with the girlies,
(and can match them for good looks).

Just to emphasise the non EMOness of Electric sheep I have dressed him in a bright pink Lacoste jumper ;-)

Edits: inspired by this set of pics ...
and comments made on this post

No. 50 50:50 ....

(viewed 1069 times)
In order of appearance ..

It all began with Joe,
(he was our weather god)
Then Dhamaka, Nige and Alfie
And Mat (the computer bod)

Puddlepuff and SFG,
Spike, Queen H and Pancakes,
Filbert Fox and Backwards Lamb,
What a nice group that makes,

Geodyne, Mandy and Paintist,
Joker XL and Swamprose,
Seaneeboy and Uber spy,
Neutropenicalex and Euphro,

Steve, OJ and Sprocket,
Monkey Finger and Bronxelf,
Your Hermione and 540,
SLG (god bless her good self)

Hollive, Caine and Rusty Shutter,
MysocalledMoblog and Hotdog,
Parabolichobo and Swampdonkeys
(I just love their family Blog)

Crickson and Baggie Boy,
Viv, Suzy Shoes and Beth,
Chris and Spiderbaby,
I've done them all to death.

SaharaB and Mouseninja,
Essitam and our James,
Goonflower and our Boet,
I think I have all their names

One last blogger to mention
And that happens to be me
If only I could find a pic
That could capture all 50 ...

and strangely enough that is 50 mobloggers spread over 50 cartoons ....

Edits: Oh yes, and Swamprose ... none of us really exist, we are all just cartoon characters, the figment of my rather warped imagination .....
11th May 2007, 15:57   comments (39)