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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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Swamprose is going nuts ......

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Swamprose is going nuts
Trapped in her own snow storm,
So I'm sending her cosy vibes
In the hope it'll keep her warm .....

... and sane (though I must say I do love the slightly crazy lady, and wouldn't change any aspect of her!)

Done in response to this post

So February was Kiss Month .......

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So February was Kiss Month
(I went along with that)
I'm a bit of a romantic
Despite my cynic's hat.

Alfie and Judo Jule,
Posted the month's first kiss,
A lovely Moblog couple
That are difficult to miss!

With Ninjacodevicar,
A pint (because he's parched)
And me on the piano,
'killing' the wedding march,

Any thought of nuputials
Are bound to be dismissed,
In my humble opinion,
You are better getting pi**ed!

.......... actually, I am a great big softie really :)
26th Feb 2008, 21:59   | tags:comments (8)

Big ones for Sprocket and Kel ....

(viewed 856 times)
..... hugs all round .....

....... the cat is our cat Trip, living up to his name ....
23rd Feb 2008, 21:41   | tags:comments (8)

All things Brighton beautiful ...

Went to Brighton today for the model engineer's show ..... beautiful day .... bright blue sky and sunshine .... bit of shopping in the Lanes, nice long walk along the front and the pier .... I took some pics :)..... but Dave took more ....

1. Intriguing ....

2. Brighton breezy ....

3. Brighton shiny .... (reflection shot)

4. For Sprocket ... Choccywoccydoodah ...

5. And yet again, for Sprocket .... Choccywoccy Boudoir ...

6. erm, well he was enjoying himself, to be shore, to be shore ....

7. Brighton 'beech' .... some of the drift wood from the sunken cargo ship ....
16th Feb 2008, 22:40   comments (21)

Journey to the centre of the universe ....

This weekend Dave and I went up to Leeds for a short weekend break, and yes I took some photos :) ..... Dave however took a lot more ......

1, 2 and 3. Breaking the Rules exhibition at the British Library ..... we stopped in on this before taking the train from King's Cross.

4 and 5. Reflections (from a walk along the canal and the river)

6. The (revamped) Corn Exchange

7. Spiderbaby and Crickson's farewell drinks party at the Vic with the lovely Ninjacodevicar :)
10th Feb 2008, 19:19   comments (17)


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Well, where to begin ..... firstly a big thank you to Joker :) ...... when I got home from work today there was a little parcel waiting for me ..... it was the prototype of a book of my first 100 moblog cartoons ..... I knew it was coming but when I got it, and I actually got to see it for real, I must say it brought a big smile to my face (and after a long stressful Monday at work, that was most welcome) ..... I am so indebited to Joker for doing this, I would never have had the time or the confidence to do it myself ..... tomorrow I am going to take it into work and show it to Jenny (Alex's mum) ..... for those new to the blog, Alex (neutropenicalex from the blog) was the son of my friend Jenny. It was Alex that brought me to the blog, he started his own blog when he first went into hospital for a bone marrow transplant, sadly less than a year later he died. But, hey, Alex was such a lovely upbeat lad who really loved the blog and was very appreciative of all the support that it gave him that I know a book of cartoons dedicated to him and designed to raise money for ELF would have met with his approval :)
5th Feb 2008, 18:22   | tags:comments (16)

Crickson and Spiderbaby .......

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Crickson and Spiderbaby,
A lovely Moblog pair,
Are leaving for the states
(I hope they'll be happy there)

From gin and jaffa cakes
And beer and yorkshires pies
To radioactive Froot Loops
Clam chowder and french fries.

Crossing the atlantic,
A goody bag and freakdog,
The love and the best wishes
Of all here on the blog :)
1st Feb 2008, 16:07   | tags:comments (15)

Last band plus Bird's Custard ...

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Last of the band series ...... plus 'Bird's Custard' in situ ..... My kitchen table is not usually so bare .... and that rail usually has kitchen utensils hanging from it (plus various other dangly things) .... I took the opportunity of doing a quick clean up before hanging the work of art ....... it has been much admired :)
25th Jan 2008, 20:57   | tags:comments (33)