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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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Ideas below my station 4 ........

(viewed 898 times)
Harking back to shoot London.
Once again, what London Underground Station does this moblogger represent.
(and once again thanks to Dazzle_dust for the inspiration)

Edited to add an extra clue (for Helen) ....
15th Nov 2008, 19:45   | tags:comments (10)

Ideas below my station 3 ......

(viewed 866 times)
Continuing with the theme.
Dhamaka said the last one was easy, so I have tried to make this one harder (and no clues).
What London underground station is reperesented by this moblogger?
Inspired by one of Dazzle-dust's posts.

14th Nov 2008, 16:30   | tags:comments (24)

Ideas below my station 2 ....

(viewed 857 times)
A follow on to a previous post (inspired by Dazzle-Dust's original).... can you guess the underground station portrayed here .... and 'cos I really liked Dave's suggestion, here is an extra clue .....

'Lector, si momumentum requiris, circumspice' ......

.... and this will mean something to more than the erudite amongst us .....
13th Nov 2008, 20:52   | tags:comments (14)

Fire and Ice .... awefully nice ....

(viewed 1011 times)
Had a really ace time at Dhamaka's opening night ..... didn't take any photos :(
8th Nov 2008, 19:15   | tags:comments (11)

Pancakes with Puddlepuff ....

Pancakes with Puddlepuff,
Rain on the canals,
Batman with his brolly up,
Playing cards with pals .....

.....oh yes and the tourist shops had cows grazing on the ceiling .....

Last weekend I made a flying visit to Amsterdam.

Met Puff for lunch, had a canal boat cruise and sheltered from the rain in a brown cafe and played a few games of cards before going out to dinner ......

.....I love Amsterdam :)

7th Nov 2008, 11:26   | tags:comments (18)

What's my line (or ideas below my station) ....

(viewed 1277 times)
Our Nige is a green Midas
(Like Percy in Black Adder)
Can you guess the station,
(the clue could not be sadder)

Following on from Dazzle Dust's ace post 'Underground themed Fancy dress party' .... can anyone guess the underground station depicted here ..... first in a possible series .....
30th Oct 2008, 21:09   | tags:comments (27)

Sprocket's in the pumpkin pile ....

(viewed 804 times)
At our local superstore
They have a new promotion
Kylie pushing Halloween,
It's caused a real commotion.

Sprocket's in the pumpkin pile,
He wants a sneaky peek,
The closest he'll ever get
To going cheek to cheek.

I feel somewhat penitent,
Of the joke he is the butt,
'cos Kylie is a cut out,
No chance of the illusive rut ....

Laughed so much at Sprocket's and Joker's comments on Mandy's highlighted post 'Messing around in the Pumpkin Patch' that I felt compelled to post this ...

29th Oct 2008, 19:47   | tags:comments (6)

FF took a tumble ......

(viewed 751 times)
FF took a tumble
And has a nasty bruise
I've put her in a wheelchair
(It's part of a clever ruse)

I'll let her loose in London,
And mayhem will ensue,
She'll sabotage the treasure hunt
And I'll run off with the clue!

a follow-up to my last post .....
Really sorry to hear (and see, in graphic detail!) that Filbert Fox has had a really bad fall :(
I hope that the recovery will be a speedy one (see FF's post Arse to Ankle) ...... meanwhile I hope that this raises a grin ..... :)
26th Oct 2008, 17:09   | tags:comments (7)