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I got into Kite Aerial Photography this year, strap a half-decent camera under a big enough kite and let the wind, and a bit of electronic wizardry, do the rest.
I set up a blog;
if anyone's interested.
I thought this image was appropriate for Moblog as it's been taken with a cam-phone, a Nokia N96, on a ten second intervalometer.
Mancs out there will recognise the location.
19th Dec 2011, 18:25   comments (14)

Christmas village

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Christmas village in our local garden center. They put a massive show on every year, German tourists are bussed-in from over the border to see it. I have a video, I'll dig it out.
18th Dec 2011, 17:02   comments (6)


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I hear Moblog has had a shot of adrenaline. Here's hoping!

Been away a while. kept falling asleep at the keyboard.
This is an example of what I like to do these days; iPhone4 snaps fully post-processed in-phone using various Apps, layer-on-layer.
Hopefully I'll be impressed by the lightning speed of Moblog and stick around a while.
Anyone still remember me from the good ole days; Hiya's! The Joker's BACK!
18th Dec 2011, 13:02   comments (18)

British! for another ten years, at least.

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26th Jan 2011, 19:34   comments (14)

Working on Guido & Eline's album.

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24th Jan 2011, 18:16   comments (6)

Me & the Missus

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At dinner in the Black Forest a couple of weeks back.
23rd Jan 2011, 12:03   comments (3)

Who knew??

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Holland (the Netherlands) is really, really little!
The furthest you could go is Telford to Newcastle!
17 million people stuffed in there somewhere! and still room for Storks, Beavers, Wild Boar and Opel Kadetts!
22nd Jan 2011, 22:57   comments (4)


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Moblog just became usable again!
Fantastic speed, just like the real thing!
Well done Mat, & thanks.
22nd Jan 2011, 13:21   comments (8)