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Black & White

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Sinterklaas is "helped" by "Black Piet" (who is black from the soot in the chimberlys he climbs up and down, apparently)
It's never really been a problem, not really considered strange for white people, in Holland, to "black-up" during the Sinterklaas period.
Once, a couple of years ago, they tried to make them "Rainbow Piets" by colouring them up all different; greens, reds, blues, etc. but it didn't catch on.
I'm not much of a fan of "the Good Holy Man", more of a "Fat Santa" guy myself, but I do think it's a shame that this is becoming less popular, in favour of Father Christmas, in the Netherlands.
Local traditions are important in this increasingly homogeneous world.
21st Nov 2008, 22:24   comments (2)

Mt. Rushmoblog

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(from left to right: Boet Paintist Nige Jxl 540air)
19th Nov 2008, 18:12   comments (8)

The Boetster's still not 100%

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I feel for you dude, I really do.
It's been long enough now, you must be so fed-up with it.
Beterschap mate.
18th Nov 2008, 20:20   comments (6)

The Good Holy Man is in town!

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"Sinterklaas" arrived (from Spain)
Between now and the 5th of December he and his "Zwarte Piet" (Black Pete)
will be terrorizing little children.
Really, check out some of his tricks on Wikkipedia (beatings
with sticks, getting stuffed into a sack and taken away to Spain) the kids
are terrified of him and his clan of "helpers".
16th Nov 2008, 19:00   comments (5)

Billiard ball

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All smoothed and evened-out now, short, to the max, but not quite as scary.
I'll keep wearing the hat though, it's bloody cold out now!
(these 2 pictures take with the N95's "front camera", rubbish quality but sometimes a quirky effect)
15th Nov 2008, 08:19   comments (0)


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I decided I needed a haircut so I bought this neat little rechargable clipper thing, recharged it all day in the truck and took it onto the boat with me last night. Halfway through scalping myself the battery ran down. The charger was still in the truck, inaccessible.
Luckily I have a hat, untill the battery charges back up.
12th Nov 2008, 06:18   comments (14)

Son #2 in BW

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9th Nov 2008, 15:34   comments (1)

Mini-merry Crimbo-Christmas village!

We popped into the local (huge) garden center to get some stuff for the
garden and they have tons of Xmas stuff (yeah, already) but this Winter
Wonderland was just fantastic!
Imagine having the job of building this kind of thing up each time!
These tiny houses and things are all for sale, pretty expensive to set up a
big show like this but beautiful all the same.
8th Nov 2008, 19:21   comments (9)