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It's Ian!

(viewed 755 times)
Yes, him of the cancer-scare and throat operation last December.
He's "recovering" on the Canary Islands.
Not looking too bad, ya smarmy git!
Just you wait 'till you get back here in the snow, it's gonna hurt!
5th Feb 2009, 15:15   comments (10)

We went to see "Valkyrie"

(viewed 742 times)
I went to the pictures tomorrow
I took a front seat at the back
a lady, she gave me an orange
I ate it and gave it her back
2nd Feb 2009, 22:37   comments (4)


(viewed 727 times)
Son #1 @ work, frightening his school teachers.
2nd Feb 2009, 13:14   comments (6)

Manipulation of Reality (the movie)

(viewed 752 times)
The 35 images from the exhibition, in movie-form.

Arriving in Rotterdam

(viewed 759 times)
Misty morning on the Norfolk Line ship.
29th Jan 2009, 07:24   comments (2)

"There'll be blue skies over, the white cliffs of Dover"

(viewed 1403 times)
Not usually this bright, often just grey an orible.
28th Jan 2009, 11:13   comments (6)


(viewed 769 times)
Euphro, remember that bucket of clothes pegs in Geodyne's loom-room? That you pointed out as a photo-op?
Well you were right.
Inverted in-phone and Bob's yer auntie's husband.
26th Jan 2009, 04:46   comments (5)

We went to Australia!

(viewed 739 times)
Loved it!
A film where you need to take two packs of tissues in with you, Not a dry eye in the house (including rufty-tufty-truckers).
Nearly three hours long but the time flew by.
Anja is now officially in love with that hairy bloke, Hugh wotsisface, Jackless.
25th Jan 2009, 15:44   comments (2)