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Field trip

The boetster came round this morning, good to see you dude, and we went out on a little photo-field-trip.
Just an hour, just local, but great to do.
15th Mar 2009, 15:50   comments (7)

For the Boetster

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It was a success!
And it's all gone.
Too late, sorry.
15th Mar 2009, 13:47   comments (1)

Saturday afternoon kitchen (II) Beef Bourguinon

A man need his red meat.
So there.

Great lumps of beef
little bits of (smoked) bacon
Red onions
Bottle of red plonk

Brown off those man-sized chunks of beef.
Pop down to the local Oxfam shop to buy one of these retro-slo-cookers (this one was my mum's) they're the bee's knees.
Put the seared beef into the Crock-Pot and switch it on. Then fry off the bacon in the same pan.
Add the (sliced) red onions, the (roughly chopped) shallots (leave the smaller ones whole) and the chopped garlic, fry till brown/soft.
Add the (quartered) mushrooms and herbs/seasoning (thyme, rosemary, parsley, black pepper) and heat through.
Chuck in that bottle of plonk, all of it.
Bring to the boil and throw it into the slo-cooker, on top of the beef chunks.
Go outside and do something fun.
The beef will slowly cook through while you're out. Anything up to six hours is fine, no less than four.
Before serving check if it needs thickening (with a flour and butter paste).
Lovely with steamed potatoes and crusty bread.
14th Mar 2009, 14:30   comments (5)

Saturday afternoon Kitchen;Nut Roast!

Having a Veggie son we are obliged to do "something Veggie" every other week.
I've been meaning to do a nut-roast for some time.
Here goes:

250gr mixed nuts & sesame seeds
An egg (whisked)
100gr melty-cheese
100gr finely chopped shallots
400gr pack of tomato lumps
Teaspoonful of Vegemite, mixed with a drop of hot water
Dried herbs (mint, sage, parsley)

Mix everything (except the nuts) in a bowl together
Gently roast the nuts & seeds in a dry pan (don't burn) till they're, well, roasted really.
Let the nuts cool off a bit.
Then whizz in the whizzer-machine for a little bit (don't want nut dust, just roughly chopped) and add to the other stuff.
Turn the mixture into a (buttered) baking tin (or these individual poofy cake things we have)and shove in a pre-heated (180 degrees C) oven for about 40 minutes.
take out, let cool a touch, turn out, tuck in!
I'll let you know what they taste like when we've tried them, they're for tomorrow's lunch.

14th Mar 2009, 13:46   comments (1)

Red Nose Day!

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Let's break ALL the records.
Donating's never been easier.
13th Mar 2009, 20:49   | tags:comments (0)

Bigger stuff!

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Just arrived back in the land of Holl. Norfolk line Vlaardingen (Rotterdam).
Home tonight, gonna be lovely weather this weekend too, and I've got a cold coming on.
13th Mar 2009, 08:14   comments (1)

Big stuff!

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Three parts for a new loading ramp in Heysham port.
13th Mar 2009, 07:42   comments (0)

Good on him, I say!

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(not my pic)
I've been surfing around the news-sites all day, gathering bits & pieces
together, and put together as full a story as I can manage.

26th February at 06.00hrs on the Station Road Industrial Estate, in
Coleshill, near Birmingham a 41 year old trucker (some sources name him as
"Versillious Michalakopoulos", others ''Vassilios Chalopoulon'') was
sleeping in his cab outside International Forwarding Limited (IFL) where he
was to unload his cargo of designer T-shirts later that morning.

The driver, who owns his own vehicle, is married with 3 children, and is
possibly from the Thessolaniki area of Greece. He'd often been to IFL in
Coleshill before.

He awoke to the sight of flashlights being shined into the cab windows and
went out to confront the (three) men, at least one of whom was carrying a
baseball bat. The driver suffered a wound to the head from the bat, grabbed
a knife and managed to fight off all three of the robbers/hijackers who all
suffered knife wounds and fled in a blue Subaru Impreza.

The trucker called Warwickshire Police at about 6.20am claiming he had used
a knife to defend himself from attackers who had attempted to raid his
curtain-sided lorry. He then pulled into IFL's yard and warned people as to
what had happened, straight away he said he'd stabbed some people and medics
ought to find them quickly.

Shortly after 06.30hrs the blue Impreza pulled up at the doors of Sandwell
General Hospital in West Bromwich and two men, Spencer Howells (34) of
Bassett Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands and a 15 year old male (who cannot
be named because he's a juvenile ) got out calling for help. Dean Skidmore
(36) of Brierley Hill had already bled to death on the back seat of the car.

The truck driver was arrested on suspicion of murder, has now been released
on bail, and is to return to the police station in two weeks time.

Spencer Howells and the 15 year old were arrested and have been charged with
conspiracy to rob and assault with intent to rob. They appeared before
magistrates in Nuneaton on 2nd March. Howells was remanded in custody and
the 15-year-old was bailed. Both will appear before magistrates again on
13th March.

On 3rd March, Warwickshire Police also charged Danny Lee White (18), from
the Bilston area of Wolverhampton, with conspiracy to commit robbery and
with assault with intent to rob. He has been granted police bail to attend
Nuneaton Magistrates' Court on 12th March.

Detective Chief Inspector Adrian McGee, from Warwickshire Police, is leading
the investigation.


I'm a (Dutch-based) UK trucker and I salute this guy.

I've often had to spend the night on that very industrial estate and have
had my trailer broken into in that area before now too.
I'd like to contact him, see if we (truckers) can help at all, maybe start
up a fund for him and his family, show our solidarity.
8th Mar 2009, 14:58   comments (12)