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The Henge of Stone!

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Playing with the iPhone on my lunchbreak.
Just can't stop fiddling!
26th Jan 2012, 11:01   comments (11)


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Yesterday on the A50 in NL.
They're building a bridge, parallel to the existing one, doubling the motorway's capacity at that point.
200m in front of me (or approximately fifteen seconds at motorway speeds) a huge crane that was working alongside the bridge toppled over, onto the carriage-way!
A truck at speed ran straight into it and wedged himself into the barrier on the far left. Scania total-loss. Drivers of the crane and the truck both unhurt, amazingly!
24th Jan 2012, 11:50   comments (7)


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Enough to keep us going for a year or so!
21st Jan 2012, 12:12   comments (1)

There you go Maggie!

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19th Jan 2012, 20:43   comments (1)

Roadside Food at its best.

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19th Jan 2012, 12:16   comments (18)

Winter Seascape

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It's looking a bit "threatening" out there. Glad I'm not out there anymore today, well maybe again tonight, but let's hope it settles a bit.
iPhone4 capture, then edited with several in-phone photo Apps. My latest hobby.
19th Jan 2012, 09:46   comments (7)

Duuvels 17 - Pigs 5

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A pitch-invasion by the 150 or so Zevenaar Rugby Club supporters (don't laugh, that's the biggest touch line crowd I've seen in 25 years here) after they thwarted Arnhem Rugby Club's attempt at an unbeaten season and cruise to promotion.
19th Jan 2012, 08:58   comments (0)

Winter Warmer!

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Made a lovely Cassoulet yesterday.
Really good to come home to a Slow Cooker full of steaming hot beany goodness.
Check out my food blog:
16th Jan 2012, 19:00   comments (5)