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Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

(viewed 707 times)
Check this guy out!!
If you've not heard him before try "Wiyathul Live" on YouTube.
Amazing stuff!
4th Jul 2009, 12:57   comments (0)

Boet's feeling a bit run-down

(viewed 2186 times)
Been meaning to post this for ages.
Something Boet spotted when we were in Prague.
Just stumbled across it in my files and had a little play (while I should be doing course-work).
1st Jul 2009, 12:19   comments (13)

Big stuff

(viewed 752 times)
It doesn't matter how big these trailers get (100 cubic meters) they'll always try and squeeze something that's too big into them.

Yes your bum does look big in those size 10's, get real and try the 14's!
29th Jun 2009, 19:35   comments (11)

Stork-watch, update

(viewed 1830 times)
The Stork family are still thriving.
We went over there this afternoon to check on their progress. Two fat chicks
in the nest, then the parent bird swooped low over the fields and made a
perfect landing on the edge of the nest.
This time we saw how the parent fed the chicks, brought quite a lot with
him/her, the chicks were having trouble with it all!
Definitely just the two chicks then, getting bigger every week.
21st Jun 2009, 15:24   comments (7)

Visiting Paintist & Mr.P.

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I was in Newark overnight last week! When was it guys, Tuesday?
Hooked up with Paintist & the Mister. We went out for an Indian meal.
They're such a lovely couple, full of fun, smiles and great conversation.
Thanks for a wonderful evening guys, as you see, I managed to recover the
images from the card, eventually.

Had a wander round the river, the Castle Barge pub, the castle.
Took a good few pictures, many for my OCA course work, and couldn't find
them on the Mem-card the next morning!
They were definitely on there, the "used" portion of the card's capacity
confirmed it. I just couldn't view them. Just ran a recovery program on it
and there they were!
(well, not quite that easy, three or four different programs actually, but I
got them anyway, most of them)
20th Jun 2009, 20:52   comments (7)

Broke bike

Can you guys help?
Parabolichobo & 540air, you two are good with bikes and there'll probably be others out there in Moblog-land.

I want to replace the chain and front/rear sprockets on my "Giant GSR 200" and it's not got to cost a lot (this bike is a 2nd bike, I want to take it with me in the back of the truck).
I made a start on it yesterday and couldn't even get the crank off.
It seems you need a special tool, a crank extractor. Are these crank extractor tools all the same size?
Can you recommend a (reasonably priced) tool set with all the other specialist tools one needs to fix bikes?
Once I've got the thing off, what about a replacement? Is that a universal size & fitting?
And then there's the back set. How does that come off? And is it a standard-universal mount? What do I need to look for when ordering a new set for this make/model?
Please help, I'd like to get mobile again.
15th Jun 2009, 07:40   comments (16)


A Jay visited the garden this morning, frightened all the other birds away!

The "mother" Blackbirds are looking good, well fed and groomed. The males
are really scruffy, spending more time chasing each other off their
territory than taking care of themselves.

Loads of successful Great-Tit and Blue-Tit families squabbling about the
grapevines and the House Sparrows have multiplied their numbers.

Dropped in on the Stork nest this morning, only one parent there today. The
young are looking bigger every week, two of them I think in the nest.
14th Jun 2009, 11:35   comments (3)


(viewed 796 times)
Upstairs, outside and all alone on deck 7.
Hazardous cargo has a place of its own on the North Sea crossings.
11th Jun 2009, 16:02   comments (2)