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After a week of rain, as I head south things are brightening up nicely.
This at a lay-by on the A1, looking towards Ferrybridge.
23rd Jul 2009, 15:53   comments (6)

Het Hooge Bongert Koor (& friends)

Anja's mum sings in this very good choir. every now & then I get to shoot some images of their concerts.
22nd Jul 2009, 12:45   comments (6)

"Part 'A' connects with Part 'B', then to 'C' and so on"

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Seemed like a good idea at the time.
The Pasta-machine needed a deep-clean.
Why is it that taking stuff apart is so much easier than re-assembling?
Fingers crossed.
19th Jul 2009, 12:52   comments (15)

WTC Arnhem

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The good thing (and there are many) about having a mate like Boet living just down the road is that he comes up with such good ideas.
"let's go to Arnhem and photograph the new WTC building(s) in the evening" he says.
Ok, says I, but try to cry-off at the last minute coz I's knackered after the shed-extension episode.
Boet's having none of it and comes to get me anyway.
I'm so glad we went! And he reminded me about HDR, a technique I haven't used for a while.

The closerup one of these three was taken just before security came out and chased us off.

The underground one is, well, an underground car-park, at least, the stairwell thereto.
17th Jul 2009, 22:29   comments (13)

Job Done!

And not a bad job too, if I say so myself.
17th Jul 2009, 18:26   comments (2)

The best laid plans of mice & men.

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I'm building an extension to our shed.

I have plans, ideas, here in me 'ed.
Wrote them down.
Shouldn't have!

"E equals C-minus-X over two plus B" ????

Mike (my son) would be proud.

(Shed's built, more tomorow)
15th Jul 2009, 22:41   comments (11)

Lunch with D @ Zero Sette

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Yesterday we went out to Excel on the DLR where Zero Sette is situated.

Dhamaka has a good few of her Tango images there on the walls and we wanted to see them there before we left and they will be changed around shortly.
They look stunning, up there in between the Glacier images the contrast works so well.
Dhamaka looked great, so glad we got to see you before we left again (back at home now). I've just sent you two Zip-files of the portraits we took yesterday.

As for "Zero-Sette", well, what a place! XL-ent food, great atmosphere, fantastic building, gorgeous menu, top service. Highly recommended.
14th Jul 2009, 16:31   comments (2)

"Out West"

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We had a nice wander around town this afternoon, getting the hang of the bus system now so nothing too strenuous.

We saw a show; Oscar Wilde's "Dorian Grey" and it was quite an experience.
So different from the usual West end theatre show.
Tiny, basement venue. stage about 8x6 foot. Maybe fifty people filling all the available seats, cast of six.
We were sat right at the front, edge of the (six inch high) stage, at a table!
very strange being face to face with the action, very "involving", but great fun too, intimate.
Great performances by all, the audience actually plays "themselves" during the "Musical drama", I think we did rather well too, in our role.
Highly recommended to all.
12th Jul 2009, 22:49   comments (2)