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When they go they really do GO!
20th Oct 2009, 08:26   comments (16)

This is "Studio JXL"

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(Well, it will be when it's finished)

First job; everything out.
Then all walls whiter-than-white.

That large piece of hardboard on the floor is going to be part of the "Infinity wall", then covered in (white) floor-vinyl from ceiling to two-thirds the length of the floor. The production area (near the door) will be wood-flooring.

Next weekend.
18th Oct 2009, 15:48   comments (6)

Sunrise over "Old Zaender"

And a very nosey horse.
18th Oct 2009, 15:26   comments (7)

Out & about

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The early bird catches the worm.

(actually not that early, this time of year. It's about half past seven, next week the clocks go back)
18th Oct 2009, 06:40   comments (3)

1.5TB ! !

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Ooh she's good to me, my Annie.
17th Oct 2009, 13:21   comments (5)

Room with a view

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On the Stena Britanica, departing Hoek van Holland.
Those are a line of oil refineries.
13th Oct 2009, 21:43   comments (8)


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Chopped apple, cooked in a little lemon juice, sugar & vanilla with butter and a handful of currants.
Squares of (frozen, thawed) puff-pastry folded over a spoonful of the cooled apple mixture, edges sealed, brushed with egg and sprinkled with sugar and bunged in the oven for 20 mins.
So good, still warm or cooled off.
10th Oct 2009, 16:16   comments (9)


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We were busy little apple choppers last night.

The Apple Compote is XL-ent, with fresh Thyme from the garden, a Vanilla pod and Cinnamon sticks cooked through it. The taste is just fabulous! Used later on in the winter in an oven dish; layers of mince, zuurkool and mashed potatoes, a "hunter's" dish.

The Dutch Apple Cake turned out perfect too, we're just going round to Boet & Mrs.Boet for coffee, I'll take some with me.
4th Oct 2009, 09:52   comments (10)