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Chiffchaff, bathing and splashing in the small puddles left after watering the cabbages on a hot day.


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...of theft. I knew someone was stealing my raspberries. :D
22nd Sep 2012, 18:38   | tags:,,,comments (5)

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Treble Clef

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Bugs... and a wing



Hi, everyone, I'm back! I also lost about a month and a half worth of photos due to an unfortunate combination of factors. One just can't do backups often (and carefully) enough, I guess. *sigh*

And what's worse, I took more and better photos of some of these seabirds the day before I took these, but those are gone and these I was able to recover.

Oh well. Names:

1&2. Ruddy Turnstone.

3. Whimbrel.

4. Kentish Plover.

5&6. Sanderling.

Bugs and other random stuff from August that wasn't permanently lost to come next. And then I'm off to watch and shoot flycatchers, which are here already. :)

Fava Beans

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1st Aug 2012, 23:02   | tags:,,,comments (2)