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Hungry Bees

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They just couldn't wait for the first flower buds to open!

(I'm a bit behind on my photos, this was in early February. There are plenty of flowers now.)


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16th Apr 2011, 17:41   | tags:,,comments (7)


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Didn't look very different, actually.

And I'm a bit sad. I kept seeing bats flying between me and the moon and I took many shots but I just wasn't lucky enough to capture one. That would have been great. Maybe next full moon.
19th Mar 2011, 23:32   comments (5)


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8th Mar 2011, 22:47   comments (20)


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I found this thing in my garden. It was huge and a bit scary but, well, it's still a beautiful and impressive critter, isn't it?
8th Mar 2011, 22:35   | tags:,,comments (4)


17th Feb 2011, 22:41   comments (4)

Winter Beach

6th Feb 2011, 12:20   comments (8)


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31st Jan 2011, 22:49   comments (10)