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An old barn. Or rather, what's left of it.

And that house you can see through the window in the last shot? It's uninhabited and old too, but it will soon be rebuilt. Naturally, I had to go there with my camera before all those lovely old and rusty details are destroyed. I'll post those next. :)
16th Jul 2011, 23:37   | tags:,,,,comments (3)


Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes in a rather uncomfortable position (totally worth it) photographing this lovely hoopoe. These guys are a bit shy, so I was very happy to stay that close to one for such a long period of time. Didn't seem too concerned, as you can see.

I did try to catch it in flight, but no luck. Also, it didn't open its crest for me. They're even more impressive when they do that.

Still, it made me happy. :)
13th Jul 2011, 22:15   | tags:,,,comments (11)

Lining up

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House Martins

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9th Jul 2011, 23:54   | tags:,,,,comments (4)

"Whadaya mean, 'get out of the way'?"

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"I iz moar pretty than a mere sunset, anyways. Rite?"
8th Jul 2011, 17:31   | tags:,,,,comments (4)


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6th Jul 2011, 23:04   | tags:,,,,,comments (6)

Morning Crows

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These were taken early in the morning, back in April. This couple of crows were making so much noise outside they actually woke me up and I had to go see what the fuss was all about.
2nd Jul 2011, 22:46   | tags:,,,,comments (6)

Pole Dancer

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Hi, I'm still here! Just very, very busy...

Things will hopefully start to calm down over the next two weeks or so, and I will catch up with my photos. Eventually. :)