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I am a Fish&Chips addict.
When I shoot, nobody dies.
I know you love me.
I love me too.

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Metal guitar for metal songs.

I am re-learning all the old Metallica stuff ( Orion, Master, ...). :)

And my cat sings better than James Hetfield :)
1st Jun 2008, 22:22   comments (1)

In bed with...

(viewed 413 times)
...Cliff Burton

Listening to... THAT

Well it'll calm me down. I'm 15 again...
1st Jun 2008, 00:43   comments (0)

I have a new bedmate :)

(viewed 969 times)
Cute isnt'it ?

Et sincere en plus ! ca ne court pas les rues ! hi hi !

Hildegard was right.
This pillow is hers now. :)
31st May 2008, 23:59   | tags:comments (0)

Graffitis - Butte aux cailles

(viewed 449 times)
29th May 2008, 07:36   comments (1)

The happy guy

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Weather is cold and rainy, but he is always happy and dancing.
29th May 2008, 07:23   comments (1)

Fed with sushis and Ben&Jerry today

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Then nap time.

Les chats sont des ingrats.
25th May 2008, 13:25   | tags:comments (3)


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These 2 paperbacks are sold out for MONTHS !
Impossible to find them online in the US, UK, anywhere (except very expensive and second hand ones...).

I found them in a small comic shop near Notre Dame (no no not the Album big shop). They had them for one year but nobody knows this small shop ! Greeeeeeat.
Now I have my house of M and Decimation saga complete, and I am happy like a teenager making out for the first time (looool).

I go there the full catalogue of the X-men from 1963 to 1986, the full catalogue of Spider man from 1962 to 1977, the complete House of M, Decimation, Civil War, Planet Hulk,World War Hulk...
And of course, Bleach, Beck and Get Backers...

Damn, I am a comic freak...
24th May 2008, 17:57   comments (0)

We are sad tonight

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And we are listening to this : enjoy

I never had such a great birthday gift in my whole life: a break up.
I don't know who the saddest is between Bloom and me tonight.
She lost the one mom she had... Must be tough for her.
18th May 2008, 22:32   | tags:comments (2)